This question is asked by many players. If you’ve recently played at any online casino you’ve most certianly noticed the sign-up bonuses. They come in all shapes and sizes but the two most popular remain the free spins or no deposit bonuses. Both offer you the opportunity to play, and possibly win mega bucks, for free. Without being picky and choosy, let the debate begin.

Free bonus spins

Spins are by far the most well-known bonus around. The major benefit is that they are absolutely free. When you sign-up, it get’s loaded to you account automatically plus you get the chance to take home some decent winnings. If you want to try out a new game, but are weary of spending cash, this option is perfect. Take note of the wagering requirements to avoid disapointment when cashing in time arrives.

Free money bonus

Usually you will need to deposit some cash to get a free money bonus. Not a lot, but still something. And the amount you deposit will determine how much free cash you receive. If they offer a 100% match bonus and you deposit $10, you will receive $10 for free but some casinos splash out and will offer you a 400% bonus which means 4 times more moolah for your money. If you are prepared to put in a small amount, your free-play can go on for much longer. But the same rule applies, check out the wagering requirements before opening your wallet.

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